SENIOR PROM 2009- June 13th, 2009

Nikki woke me up at 7 on Prom Day. I hadn't planned to wake up so early because then I would be tired and I wouldn' t be able to stay awake at the prom. For most of the morning, I watched Sex and the City. Prom started at 9, no need to rush. I didn't know what to expect so I wasn't all excited and rushed or anything like that. It was just another day.

At 2 or so, my dad drove me to Creative Nails and Spa, my uncle Richson's nail salon (ALL Vietnamese people do nails- I have like 4 aunts and uncles who do nails). I haven't been there in MONTHS. Haven't been there since the summertime, when I worked there. They redecorated, so it looks so frickin' nice. It used to be like white or something, plain, a bit messy, but now it's like this melon-orange color, with a tropical kind of theme, a new sign outside, a couple wallpaper things with tropical scenes on it, and these box-like frame things that make cool pictures on the wall. My uncle did well. My aunt, Richson's wife, doesn't like my family. She got beef. I was gonna get my nails done, and I was planning on getting it for free because Uncle Richson is family, and family members are supposed to get 100 percent family discounts, right? But my mommy didn't want his wife to be all "Ohhhh, they're so poor they can't afford to pay for their daughter to get her nails done, blah blah blah" (She is always complaining about us- especially me and Dialena. SHE'S the reason we got fired), so my mom gave me like 40 dollars to get a full set, which is basically, they put fake, white tips on your nails and then puts this gel thing over it. My nails look maddd sexy. Dialena and her friend, Linda, who was going to Prom with Kunthea, stopped by also, and we all got our nails done. I tried to pay my uncle but he was all "I don't need your money" and "Nooo, you keep it." When he went outside to smoke, I put it in his drawer. He deserves it. That man works MADD hard and he's so good at what he does. That's why everyone's always requesting him. 

We went back to my house (me and Dialena) and I put on Sex and the City, and we watched it while she started curling every single inch of my hair. Dialena is very good with hair. We almost ran out of time; we were planning on going to this Rose Garden thing to take pictures, and Dialena had to get dressed, too. Her date was Phi. Me and her had agreed on a style a couple days before, and she did it nicely- she let a couple loose strands around my face, my bangs straight, and all the rest of my hair tied on the right side. My mom later added this beautiful butterfly clip in my hair to hold some of my bangs out of my face. I got dressed- my dress was white with like a silver sash around the middle. Simple. I wore white flats because I can't walk in heels and luckily, Roberto is pretty short and I didn't want to be taller than him. I hadn't planned on wearing makeup, but my mom literally had to wrestle it on me; I was pouting and half-sobbing the entire time. But in the end, my face looked clearer, my mascara kept smearing, but I managed, and I looked ....well, pretty, actually. Which is something you don't hear from me often. 

Sokha dropped Phi and Roberto off at my house, and they had to come in and put our corsages on and take pictures and stuff. They both looked SO nice. When I saw Roberto walk up towards my house, I was surprised. I hadn't thought he would look THAT good. And I'm not just saying all of this because I adore him, but he really looked insanely good. INSANELY GOOD in his clean black tuxedo, with a silver vest and tie. My corsage was so pretty, but I had a hard time putting on his bouttanniere thing so my mom tried to help- even my dad. We managed to get it on (correctly, or incorrectly, I'm not sure).

Dialena was wearing a black dress, with a light blue sash. Her and Phi didn't match (blue is a hard color to match- he was wearing a navy-blueish shirt with his tux, she made him go home and change). She wore heels and her hair was mad asian and simple. HA. I looked better. But we all looked nice, I guess. 

After taking pictures, we went to Sokha's house, took photos, and finally we piled into two cars- Linda, Dialena, and Jeanie in one car, and the boys- Roberto, Tony (Kunthea invited him for no good reason), Phi and Kunthea, and went to the garden thing and took pictures, and then we went to the prom.

IT WAS CRAZY downtown by the Landmark Theater. The Landmark Theater was all aglow with lights and a sign that read: Nottingham Senior Prom, Class of 09... It was beautiful. There was the hugest crowd all around the place, HUNDREDS of people simply there to watch us go in. We had to get in line as couples, and then take pictures with 3 different cameras, as people stared and cheered. It made us all feel like celebrities. 

Everyone was so beautiful. EVERYONE MATCHED! Like SO WELL! With their couples, I mean. There were a few people who didn't look great, but overall, everyone looked beautiful. Like, I mean it. It was just nice watching them. 

Dancing was nonexistant, almost. There were a few people who danced. The music was all like gangster rap and stuff like "Knock You Down" and shit. I danced once with Roberto, a slow dance, which lasted for a minute after they announced Prom King - Nelson, no suprise, I don't know him, but everyone seems to adore him- and Prom Queen- Leondra. 

There was a section where you could go and take a professional picture taken, and buy it. I bought one with the money my mom gave me specifically to buy it. The camera guy showed me the correct way to put on a bouttanniere. 

Me and Roberto mostly sat on the staircase on the lower floor. Not a lot of people came down there, and whoever did just came down there to be in quietness, and relax. Me and him talked and kissed and talked and kissed. And then we left. Roberto went to the AfterProm with everyone else. I didn't feel like going, I was tired, so my grandpa came and picked me up. And that was that, end of Prom. 

The Landmark Theater is so beautiful, a good place for a prom. Getting ready for the prom, and entering the prom with all the chaos and cameras and stuff were my favorite parts of the prom. I guess I didn't enjoy it as much because it wasn't MY prom. I didn't go to school with these kids for the past 4 years. I'm positive my own prom will be out of this world. I'm more excited about it now that I got a glimpse of what it's like. 
prom1.jpg picture by young16006
Note: This entry was more for my benefit, so I'll always have it to look back on. I'm sorry it's not entirely entertaining. It wasn't meant to be.


Jeanie's Official (In No Order) List of Hot Male Celebrities

1. The beautiful, the luscious ORLANDO BLOOM.
He's so mmmm. And so yesssss. And so yummmm. I mean, he's a bit older now, but he'll always have the amazing sex appeal. To every sane female, that is.


2. Channing Tatum. CHECK OUT HIS BODY, LADIES.

3. Justin Chambers. LOVE him as Alex on Grey's Anatomy. Not the prettiest face, but there's just something about him...

4. Zac Efron. Gorgeous smile. HOT body. He can dance. He can sing. He's HOT.

5. I never thought of adding this fella to the list, but after looking at someone else's list for inspiration, I decided he MUST be on here. From the Spider Man movies, I present James Franco.

Yes. His picture is the largest because LiveJournal won't let me shrink it. Oh well. I don' t mind. Do you?

6. Chad Michael Murray. A God. 

7. Owen Wilson. I never noticed how hot he was until I watched Wedding Crashers.

8. Enrique Iglesias. I love Hispanic men.

Can't think of anymore at the moment. But I gotta pretty good list, eh?

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I don't know what to write. It's very difficult to keep two journals, because I hate repeating information. My personal journal (not this one) is more important to me, so I would write everything I wouldn't write on here, plus everything else. But Tina wants to know what's going on in my miserable life, so I, kindly, write a form of that journal entry on here. Which is exhausting because there's only so many times you can tell a story about your day before you get completely sick of it.

Agenda for the Next Couple of Weeks.
Monday, May 18th- Going to the Zoo with Superintendent Cabinet. Very excited, actually. Not to see Lidia though. We went to elementary school together, and she used to be very sweet, and now she's one of those girls. You know, myspace whore. Cocky. Not to mention that she and my now ex-boyfriend had been flirting a storm on myspace (I still have not let that go) when me and him were going out.
Wednesday, May 20th- CNY Works for job interview. I'm desperate for a job, but I am still debating on whether or not I want to do this. Because I'm missing a series of classes on Monday, and I'm gonna miss the SAME classes on Wednesday, and I don't like having to catch up. And stuff. So I probably won't go. But.. eh.
Sunday, May 24th- Haven't asked my parents yet or anything, but Carli wants me to sleep over.
Monday, May 25th- No school. Carli wants T-T-T-Tina to join us on this day to hang out.
Wednesday, May 27th- For our Short Stories project, we each have to pick a short story and teach an 80 minute class on it. This day is my day to teach. I'm actually very much looking forward to it.

I forgot when the finals and regents and stuff are.

So it's weird that I'm not shooting into a full entry about HIM, right? Well.  Yeah. It is. But I don't know what I could possibly write about him now.

Of course, I COULD obsess about his beautiful-ness some more, but I'm guessing whoever's reading this is probably sick of it.
But I'm not.

I seriously can NOT get over it.

But he sits with me practically every day now. And now he knows how to spell my name. And he hugs me everyday before he gets off the bus (awkwardly because of the weird angle), but still. I don't know.

He doesn't talk much. He's beautiful, but I wish he had a personality to match. Of course, he didn't talk much today because he was tired after his ESL fieldtrip to some lake or whatever, but still. I'm tired all the time and I still manage to have a soul.

Of courseeeeeeeeeeee I'm gonna keep trying. Because liking him or somewhat crushing on him, or whatever you want to call it, gives me something to look forward to. And these days, everyone needs something to look forward to, na mean? It's pathetic, but it gives me a purpose to wake up in the morning. Don't take the meaning of that to the fullest extent. I mean it in the lightest way.

But I'm tired, and my parents are bitching for me to get off, so I'm gonna go write in my real journal,and then go back to sleep.
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TINA! I had a nice day on the bus :D

Today, on the bus, Rolando sat with me. Beautiful Rolando. I had had a good day in Tech Theater (my assignment was to write a menu on this blackboard for the play our school's putting on in a couple of weeks. I had fun; I got to do it alone, so no distractions really, and I had my music on, so it was all peaceful and stuff.) I went to sit in my usual seat on the bus. I listened to my mp3. Ohmy it was so hot. The air felt like I could cut through it with a knife. Ew.

Rolando came on the bus. I mostly expected him to sit in one of the many empty seats. Quite a few people skipped today. But he came on the bus, in his beautiful turquoise shirt ( I LOVE THAT COLOR!), and we were looking at eachother, and then he smiled and sat down. WHOOOOOOOO. I guess we're reallll friends!

It was really hot. Like ICKY hot.

He put his arm on the back of my seat, like kinda around my shoulders.

I wondered what he was doing. What if someone saw us like that? 

He attempted to open the window.


Anywayssss. Like always, I can't remember the entire conversation or anything.

Things I learned about him:
-He has no idea what he wants to be.
-He HATES cats. He likes dogs.
-He does not care much for animals overall.
-He really likes Los Tres Gatos. (He had like 8 of their songs on his iTouch.)
-He does really good in Gym.
-He has 100 in Gym and a couple of other classes.

He does not think I look Asian. He said he can tell I do well in school. He hates the music I listen to. (Hahaha, I kept taking his headphones off, then putting mine in and going "THIS is real music" and "Let me show you REAL music." He would scoff or laugh, then make fun of the music I listen to, then show me a song that he constitutes as good music. We hate eachother's music. Don't worry. I will show him the light.)

I think he tried to take a picture of me with his camera phone. Luckily I caught him. And I grabbed onto the phone. And I would NOT let go. And we just spent a couple of minutes fighting over it.
me: "NO!"
me: "you promise?" (still holding onto the phone)
him: "i promise"
me: "do you have a religion? do you believe in anything?"
him: "no"
me: "so your an atheist?"
him: "yes?"
me: "do you know what that is?"
him: "you dont believe in anything?"
(i gave the phone back.)

I can't remember anything else. My mind went fuzzy.

Is his eyes green or brown? They change everyday!

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Friday. Multicultural Festival. Yay. Here's the Entry You've Been Waiting for, T-T-T-T-TINA!


Was pretty damn cool.

But before I get to the cool parts....
I had swimming that day. All the classes were shortened because of the Festival, so we had all four classes in four hours. Pretty simple. So anyways, I had swimming. I was fucking terrified, let me tell you. I'm not scared of water. I'm not scared of the shallow end. I'm not scared of being underwater (but only for a short time). But Mr. Dixon MADE us all go into the deep end. They strapped me in a lifejacket and then he FORCED me to jump in (let me add that he kept making fun of my terrified face). I was so scared, it was ridiculous. I wanted to cry- that' show much I didn't want to jump in. But I knew that I would have to do it sooner or later, so I jumped. And for three seconds, I felt like I was going to drown and die. And then the lifejacket pulled me back up. But still- having the lifejacket on did not make me feel better, or safer or anything. And then he tried to make me jump off the high dive. Which I absolutely refuseddddddddd to do.

If you know how to swim, I have complete respect for you. Kudos.

SOOO. Let's get to the real reason why I'm even writing this entry.

The Multicultural Festival. The title is self-explanatory. So there's no need for me to explain what it is, right? 
The gym was packed with booths with lots of different foods, almost everyone in our school, a bunch of people dressed in the clothes of their culture... it was a quite a sight. But. Me. Being "lovestruck" as Tina likes to call it, simply searched for him. I did that casual scan around the gym thing. I did not see him. I saw his friends. But he wasn't with them. So I looked for my friends instead. For a bit of time, I sat on the bleachers with Jessica, Abby, and Kayleigh. And I was in such a bad mood- 1) because I didn't see him, and I really planned on talking to him that day and 2) because I didn't want to sit on the bleachers and watch people. I wanted to be in the center of the action! So, telling them that I was going to show them how I could disappear into the crowd, I ditched them. HA. (Tina, I'm badass right? Ditching mahhh friendssss just to go find a boy, right?)

So I move towards the crowd of people around the little area where the African Drumming group was performing. (They were fantastic, by the way. Very energetic.) And suddenly, I saw him. There was his gorgeous self, in a black shirt, watching the performance. I didn't want to be a creep. Wouldn't you be creeped out, if you turned around, and there was a white-Asian girl staring at you? Yeah. I thought so. So I moved away from him, and went to stand behind a girl I had Spanish with. Berto joined me for a bit, but I sent him off to find Tina.

But I found Tina instead! She was holding a plate of food, talking to Mr. Little.

And in the same instance, I noticed him, standing by himself, in an area where the crowd wasn't so dense. "Tina, I'm gonna do something," I whispered to mahhhh friend, Tinaaaaaa. (Either that, or I said, "Tinaaa, I'm gonna talk to him".) But first, I tried to mentally prepare myself. He had looked over me, and noticed me staring at him, so I figured he knew that I was going to approach him. What should I sayyyy? Hmmmm... But Tina ripped me from my thoughts (gotta love her) and literally pulled me over there. (you reallllly gotta love her). And I don't remember what she did to get his attention... she either made a loud noise, or she touched him. But he looked over at me, and we exchanged our hi's. It was a bit awkward at first. It was so loud, and we couldn't talk comfortably; and whenever either of us wanted to say anything, we had to say it directly in eachother's ear. So for a while, we just listened to the music, and examined the map/program that were given to the student body.

"Let's go over there."

Like he seriously did not just ditch me. He invited me to come with him. HE DID NOT DITCH ME. That is a might positive. RIGHT, TINA?! I hope...?

We walked over to where we could see the performers better, and on the way, we passed Indiana, and Mackenzie and stuff sitting on the bleachers. I saw her face (which greatly amused me.. not to be mean... she's nice.. I guess...). She looked a bit shocked. Kinda like, "Oh... So he'll talk to her." Might be cocky of me to say so, but I felt... good? Because I was able to befriend someone that Indiana couldn't get to give her the time of day. Tina prophesized that if Indiana ever saw me talking to Rolando (whom she likes, if I have no mentioned that yet), she would come over to us, and pretend to be my best friend. The fake little... That's EXACTLY what she did. My Tina is a frickin' psychic.

Before she arrived, I told Rolando that Indiana was staring, and that she was gonna come over. To which he responded: "Who?" (HAHAHA) I had to describe her to him: "You knowwwww. The small child with dark hair..."
Him: "Hahaha. 'Child'?"

AND SHE GLUED HERSELF TO ME. Seriously. She kept trying to talk to me. And that pissed me off so bad. But I tried my best to ignore her, and concentrated on making converation with Rolando, who IS actually very sweet (to me that is, whenever Indiana asked him a question, like, "Are you having fun, Rolando?" he would answer with a simple, "yeah"). He was all cold at first, but I guess he's warmed up to me. And he's so beautiful... CONCENTRATE JEANIE!

Tina Baneena told me after the Fest that Indiana thought I was talking to him FOR her. Cocky son of a bitch... She's an idiot. She's clueless, swear to Jeezus.

While watching the African dancers dance, this interaction took place:
Me: I wish I was African.
Him: Why?
Me: Because they get to wear pretty dresses.(The African girls that were dancing were wearing colorful dresses that I liked.)
Him: But you would smell bad. (Referring to the... odd body odor that most of the Africans in our school have. If that offends anyone... I'm sorry, but it's true. We are in no way trying to be ignorant.)
Me: No! I would be a clean African!
Him: No, you wouldn't! If you were African, it's like your religion to bathe once a month!
And so on.

He was standing on my right side, and then I felt a poke on my left side. I ALWAYS FALL FOR THAT. I looked over my left shoulder, then made a 360 degree turn, just to find him completely serious. And I didn't think he would play around with me like that. So I didn't think it would be him poking me. I would pout or something, and then he would start laughing. It's fun to mess with me, I guess. He laughs at me a lot.

Things I have learned about him:
-He was born in Cuba.
-He's turning 15 on May 1st.
-He can swim.
-He can do flips and such. 

I tried to give him my program for his birthday. Which he wouldn't accept. Because mine was ripped and he already had one. So in the end, we traded. And then we both threw them away.

"I'll see you Monday" he said as he was getting off the bus.
"Have a nice weekend" I replied, ever so smoothly.
"You too."

And he was gone.

I'm seeing him tomorrow.

I'm sorry Tina. I know that was not as juicy as you would have liked. But I don't know how to put that whole day into words. Sorry, love.
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Writer's Block: LiveJournal Book Club

Out of all of your favorite books, pick just one you'd recommend everyone read. As a bonus: why did you pick that one?
Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult. Seriously, this lady is a phenomenal writer. I loved the first book I read of hers, My Sister's Keeper, so I decided that I would probably love any of her books. So I read this one.

And I couldn't put it down.

It speaks of religion. Miracles.

The plot is basically... a strange, quiet man who comes to work for June Nealon murders her daughter, and the girl's step father. And then a bunch of miracles occur and soon everyone thinks he's like the Messiah or Jesus or something. The girl he murdered has a sister, that has  a heart problem. He wants nothing more than to donate his heart to this girl before he is sentenced to death.
I haven't read it in a while (I JUST requested it from the library, like 3 seconds ago, because this question reminded me to) so I can't give out any more details that would be intriguing enough for you to read it.

But seriously.

And might I add that if anyone answers "Twilight" to this question, I will send a pack of drunk leprechauns to mug you. I myself was a Twihard. I loved Edward Cullen, and his love for Bella, like, I loved the overall plot. But after re-reading it a couple of weeks ago, I've come to the conclusion, that the book is poorly written. Great plot, don't get me wrong, but it's made mostly of dialogue. Go to and search "Twilight". You will find I am not the only one who feels this way.