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at worst i feel bad for a while.

but then i just smile. i go ahead and smile.

what could i possibly say about myself? i'm just ur average 14-year-old. part vietnamese, part caucasian. i dont want to make this all formal or anything so i'm just gonna start babbling about anything. as a child, people always told me i had a big forehead. and that never really bothered me before and it doesn't bother me much now either, it's just... i cant do particular things with my hair. i have to have hair framing my face at all times..my side bangs etc. but whatever. i dont exactly hate my face. but it could be improved. and i've been breaking out lately. even my parents been commenting on it. grrrrr.
i love reading. i just love it. that doesnt make me nerdy, in my opinion.
i dont do so well in the boyfriend department, mainly because i am impatient, and i get bored so easily. i regret ever having any boyfriends. i wish i stayed a...a boyfriend virgin. boys do nothing but disappoint you.
at school (well school is over now, but i intend to hang out with them still), i hang out with a small group of girls, ciara, tina, noelle, and vanni. you know how it is. you put 4-5 girls together and you get a pot full of drama. but these girls made my middle school years bearable. i love them for it. i dont think any of us would say we're real best friends. but we're close.
dont ask me what i wanna be when i grow up. because i dont know. i have a different answer almost every day, depending on my new fascinations. like the other day, i was looking at the night sky, and it was so hard to comprehend, that each of us are such tiny specks, so tiny, we're not worth mentioning, in this huge universe, with all the planets and galaxies and stars. and at the moment, i wanted nothing more than to travel up there and see the other planets and galaxies and see earth from the moon. at the moment, of course, i wanted to be an astronaut.